New Build Homes & Houses

Build Your Dream Home in Cambridge with MOOi…

Envision a brand new home, perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and nestled within the city’s vibrant character. MOOi Architecture, your local Cambridge architects, can transform that vision into reality…

We specialize in crafting bespoke new build houses that:

  • Reflect your unique style: From contemporary minimalism to traditional elegance, we collaborate with you to translate your design dreams into a stunning reality.
  • Optimize space and functionality: We meticulously design layouts that maximize livability and cater to your specific needs, whether it’s an open-plan living area perfect for entertaining or a dedicated home theatre room.
  • Embrace sustainability: MOOi Architecture prioritizes eco-friendly solutions, incorporating energy-efficient materials and design features to create a sustainable and comfortable home.

Our comprehensive new build house services in Cambridge include:

  • Site evaluation and feasibility studies: We assess your chosen plot, considering factors like sunlight, access, and local planning regulations.
  • Creative design and architectural plans: Our team brings your vision to life with detailed blueprints that consider every aspect of construction.
  • Planning permission applications: We expertly navigate the planning process, ensuring your project adheres to all regulations.
  • Project management and construction liaison: MOOi Architecture acts as your advocate throughout the construction phase, ensuring communication with builders and a smooth build process.

Located in Cambridge, we possess a deep understanding of the city’s architectural landscape. We’ll design a new build house that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment while reflecting your personal style.

Ready to embark on your new build journey? Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can turn your dream home into a reality!