About mooi architects in cambridge

About Us

MOOi is a leading architecture practice based in Cambridge (UK). Our approach is influenced by the principles of Dutch design and our name, pronounced ‘moy’, connects with our Dutch roots

The practice has a reputation for contemporary, sustainable design with extensive experience working on projects across a range of market sectors, including projects for The University of Cambridge and its Colleges, private residential new build and redesign commissions, multiple residency development projects and commercial offices. Our studio is a creative work environment and our aim is to couple contemporary, innovative and elegant design with the project aspirations, budgets and time frames our clients have in mind. We have a genuine understanding of building methods and construction and this is reflected in our designs which incorporate sustainable materials and have an emphasis on clever and practical design and use solutions. At MOOi we pride ourselves on being able to respond intelligently to the needs of our clients. Each project we complete is developed to meet the specific needs of our individual clients and so no two projects are the same. Our starting point is an informal meeting where we can discuss with you your potential project and answer any questions that you might have. We do often find that there are some queries that our clients might find useful to have answered at an early stage, perhaps before making a decision on how to move forward with their project, and so we’ve outlined these frequently asked questions and answers on our FAQ’s page, please click here.