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Approval for Listed Dovecote Conversion

MOOi have recently obtained planning consent to convert and restore an existing Grade II listed Dovecote, which is in the curtilage of a Grade II* Listed Farmhouse in a South Cambridgeshire village.

The proposed alterations have been sensitively designed so as to ensure the re-use of the Dovecote for ancillary purposes, whilst minimising any impact of the fabric or character of the existing Dovecote.  The proposals extend the footprint of the Dovecote to the north, following the historic arrangement of adjacent farm buildings.  It is proposed to separate the existing Dovecote from the proposed extension with a glazed link, which forms the principal entrance to the building, but also separates the two structures, allowing for the Dovecote to remain as a distinct element, with the extension being subservient and of a smaller scale.

The existing Dovecote is to be clad in reclaimed timber weatherboarding stained black, to give a sense of it’s historic quality, but also enhance it’s longevity.  The roof tiles are to be repaired and replaced, where necessary, with reclaimed clay peg tiles to match existing. All the works to the existing Dovecote, both internally and externally, will be carried out in a manner that minimises the removal or damage to any historic fabric. The proposed extension is to be clad in dark burnt cedar cladding, with an open joint boarding detail, which will provide a visual connection to the existing, but with a modern interpretation on the weather boarded aesthetic. This is to be complemented with a black Zinc standing seam roof, which seeks to emulate and acknowledge the existing corrugated sheet metal roof of the lean to shed, but also provide a material quality and articulation to the external appearance of the addition.

We look forward to further progressing this project through the detailed design stages.

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